Pool Rules 


Section I : Membership

● All members are subject to follow all rules, regulations and policies put in

place annually by the board of directors. All members should abide by

instructions of Rosedale Beach Club staff to ensure safety, security, and

peace of all members. Non-compliance may result in corrective action

and/or termination of your membership.

● All membership holders are responsible for those listed on their approved

membership application and any guest(s) signed in by member(s).

● All members must show their Rosedale Beach Club membership cards to

gain access to the property.

● All guests must be signed in by a current approved member, who is

currently at the facility.

Section II : Grounds, Structures, and Pool Deck

For the purpose of this article, the following words and terms shall have

the following meanings, unless the context indicates otherwise.

Grounds: Any property owned and managed by Rosedale Beach Club, including

the parking lot, pool, pool deck, grassy area, pavilions, snack bar, bathrooms,

and sports courts and maintenance and engineering areas

Pool Deck: The concrete walkways and seating areas surrounding the pool,

extending to the alcove, and to bathrooms and edge of the pavilion.

Structures: Any portion of the main pool house, situated at the entrance to the

facility, the adjacent pavilion, and back pavilion situated at the corner of the


● There shall be NO glass drinkware anywhere in/on the grounds, structure

and pool deck at any point in time.

● The use of sports equipment is only permitted on the basketball courts,

tennis courts, volleyball court, and hockey courts. Only soft water balls are

permitted in the pool.

● There shall be no obscene language heard within the public ear, anywhere

in/on the grounds, structures and pool deck.

● There shall be no running on concrete surfaces, included, but not limited

to, Pool Deck, Pavilions, side walks, and parking lot. The only exception

being the black top surfaces, including the basketball courts, tennis courts,

and hockey courts.

● There shall be no designated “spots” on the pool deck. Regardless of

where your folded chairs are stored. Chairs must not go past the

designated deck lines.

● There shall be no food or drink on the pool deck. Food and drink must not

go past the deck lines. Areas must be cleared of all trash.

● Report any incidents of fecal or vomitus contamination on or in the

grounds, structures, pool deck and pool immediately.

● When thunder is heard, the deck shall be cleared for a minimum of thirty

(30) minutes from the last thunder heard. If lightning is seen or

the”lightning whistle” heard, the grounds, and lower pavilion must be

cleared for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes from the last lightning seen.

● Do not talk to lifeguards in the chair.

● Smoking is permitted ONLY in the designated smoking area outside the

main entrance.

● Obey all signs on hanging in or on the grounds, structures, and the pool

deck, these rules are in place for the safety and well being of the members.

Section III: Pool Rules

● Diving is only permitted in the deep end.

● All swimmers under the age of 12 must pass a deep water test to swim

in the deep end on a yearly basis. The deep water test consists of two

laps and treading water for thirty (30) seconds. The guard determines if

a swimmer was proficient enough to pass.

● Swimmers must meet the height requirement posted at the slide. They

must go down seated with feet first and remain on the concrete until the

rider in front of them is in the water.

● There shall be no backwards dives or gainers off of the diving board or


● No child utilizing a personal floatation device, floaties, or any other form

of child swim gear, shall be greater than an arms length away from a

parent or guardian in the water. Any unsupervised child will be asked to

exit the water and returned to the parent or guardian.

● No flotation devices are permitted in the deep end.

● There shall be no child over the age of 6 utilizing the baby pool at any

time, with the exception of tending to a sibling, or sitting with a parent.

●  All children in baby pool must be supervised.

● There shall be no use of hard balls, squirt guns, or any sort of rafts in

the pool (with the exception of pool seat for babies). Pool noodles, and

foam water safe balls are permitted.

● All pool rules are enforced by lifeguards and managers on staff. The

general manager has final say in all rules.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend this document anytime

to protect the safety of the membership. Each membership holder is

responsible for the actions of those members listed on their membership

application and any guest(s) signed into the club under the membership